Figure Skating

Rolling skate bags are a great way to transport your skates, but that hard cold metal seat is not very comfortable - just add one of our coordinating Ice Princess Pillows and you'll be sitting pretty.  Our two sided cushion may be attached either side up for longer wear.  Velcro straps attach seat cushions to bag and are triple stitched for durability.  Openings in pillow allow for easy lifting of your bag without removing pillow.  We've been told Moms like to take advantage of this comfortable seat while watching practice sessions!

Our soakers are designed to protect your expensive blades.  Constructed from the same high quality fabric as our pillows, these soakers are made to  last.  Lined with 1" batting to protect your blades from nicks, heel and toe seams are stitched 4 times to prevent blades from coming through.  Swimsuit elastic provides for excellent fit to the blades and is stitched 5 times, so won't pull apart.

We change our inventory so if you don't see what you want, check back soon. All products handmade in the USA.

Coming soon - fabrics and patterns depicting areas of the USA, i.e. Pink Flamingo Florida, etc.

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