About Us

Ice Princess Pillows™ cushions and soakers are designed to bring a "sparkle" to your skater's eyes and style to their skate bag!  Hand crafted in the USA, our seat cushions convert the rolling skate bag into a glamorous, comfortable and durable seat.  Made to last, they may be attached to the bag with either side facing up, providing a two-sided cushion for longer wear.  We now offer matching soakers to protect your expensive blades  and emphasize your sense of style. 

Available in many colors and patterns, there is a right one for everyone.  If you are looking for a unique and innovative skating boutique gift for your skater, Ice Princess Pillows(tm) and soakers are sure to fill the bill.  They make excellent gifts for the holidays, birthdays, celebrating tests passed, competitions and Axels landed!

No more pushing and shoving to get a seat in crowded locker rooms, you can sit and lace up in comfort wherever you park your bag.