Ice Princess Pillows™ cushions and matching Soakers are what the "best dressed" bags and blades are wearing!  These hand crafted cushions convert the rolling skate bag into a glamorous, comfortable and durable seat.   Made to last, they may be attached to the cart frame with either side facing up, providing you with a two-sided cushion for longer wear.  Made of high quality spandex, cushions are filled to capacity with a superior fiberfill to maximize style and comfort.   Velcro straps are triple sewn for durability.

Our Soakers are designed to keep your blades dry and protected from nicks while not in use.  Matching soakers are made from the best qualify spandex, are lined with heavy batting for blade protection and the best quality elastic to ensure long wear.  Seams are reinforced at heel and toe with 5 rows of stitching to prevent blades from coming through.

TO ATTACH pillow to bag, place pillow on bag with label in the back, pass the long Velcro strap on side of pillow through the round hole in the side of the metal frame, pass it under the seat and out the back of the frame. The short Velcro strap on the back of the pillow comes straight down on the outside of the bag handle and the two straps attach.  Attach the short Velcro straps on the front of your pillow around the front of the frame for a secure fit.